2G 20 Heads 8 Type Standard Multihead Weigher( Mixing mode/High Speed mode) 1.5/2.6L

Ámbito de aplicación:

It is suitable for weighing a single material with high-speed or various mixing products, such as oatmeal, mixing nuts etc.

Características y carácter mecánico:

1.High speed mode can be used for a single material.

2.The weight of the mixing can be automatically compensated by the last products

3.High accuracy and tailored load cell.

4.Intelligent multi-sampling stable mode, higher accuracy.

5.Intelligent alarm diagnosis.

6.High speed stagger dump function.

7.New Modular and CAN bus technology, more efficient and stable

8.Modbus Industry communication protocol.

Especificación técnica:

1. Upper storage funnel is divided to weight two different products.

2. Separate main vibrator, control the thickness of product independently.

3. Integral machine frame and machine cabinet contributes to more stability and higher accuracy.

4. Machine frame, discharge chute with compatible design, Single discharge chute gate can 

    change to double with twin packaging machine when just one kind of product.

5. Uniform design standards, and mould processing, contribute to better interchangeability for 

    spare parts.

6. Stable actuator design reduce the mechanical vibration and improves the load cell value accuracy.


Q1.How to know which one packing machine is suitable for us ?

You can first tell business representative which equipment you want to know, what material is the product, how many grams to weigh, and the range of accuracy and speed requirements. Our engineers then recommend suitable packaging machines based on these data and product characteristics.

Q2.How to operate it?

Many languages are available for global markets. There are not only detailed instructions, but also machine video for reference learning.

Q3.Why we should choose your company?

We have many years of industry production and management experience, professional R & D, sales, after-sales team. It can perfectly solve all the problems that customers encounter from purchase to sale.

Q4.How to cooperate with you?

You only need to contact our business representative, and they will be patient to guide you through the whole process

Q5.What's your payment way?

T/T by our bank account directly

Q6.Customer: How about the delivery and after-sales service?

All our machines are tailor-made because different clients have different requirements, delivery will be within 20 days for the small multihead weigher,For the large-scale machine, it takes longer. Warranty : 2 years(Electric accessories) and free life time maintenance. If you got any problem when using the machine and the videos can not help, our technician will have video chatting with you to fix your problem.

Kenwei Honor :

The products of Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized Machinery Co.,LTD.,have passed CE certificate, PA/MC certificate, OIML certificate and GSG enterprise qualification certificate, widely used in food, medicine, chemical, hardware, commodity fields.


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