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Children Food Cases

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1、Guangdong BinQi Foods Group CO.,LTD

Country/RegionProfileBrandProducts usedReasons
A children leisure food company integrate product research and development, packaging and manufacturing,production, marketing sales,brand operation and culture cross-border into a whole.
Children Food Cases
10 heads multihead weighers and 14 heads multihead weighers
Biscuit quantitative weighing packing line
2、Dongguan Yizhi Food CO.,LTD
Country/RegionProfileBrandProducts usedReasons
Focus on developing children  food, including juice jelly drops, cotton candy, licorice, toy candy, as well as cookies (pastry, toughness cake) soda cake,vegetable cake, European milk cake, irregular cake, animal shape cake, finger shape cake etc.

Children Food Cases
Mini 14 heads 
Small specification and high precision and high speed measurement of biscuits

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